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Trent Sizemore

Trent Sizemore

Photography / Fly Fishing

Trent is a Georgia born photographer, currently living in West Yellowstone, Montana. His travels includes the Appalachian mountains and Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, The Grand Canyon, as well as the mountains of Montana and Wyoming.

Recent Blog Entries

A Year Out West

A little more than a year ago, I packed my stuff and headed out from Georgia to Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park. Since then, I’ve been to Big Sky, Montana, and now settled in West Yellowstone, Montana. To the surprise of most, I survived the seemingly... read more

A Story of Traveling Bison

This past weekend was spent in the northern range of Yellowstone looking for wolves, among other wildlife. After getting up well before sunrise to get to the Lamar Valley, I came up empty. I just happened to see a few spotters along the road on the way out, and turned... read more

Midway Geyser Basin Tour

Take a virtual walkthrough of the Midway Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park, while learning a little bit about each of the main features. Photos are all my own, and information was gathered from various sources.

read more

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