Wild Places

Many of my photographs are taken in places never seen by the majority of the population.

Unique Style

I don’t follow any trends in modern photography; I am very much self taught with my own personal style.

Local Color

North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee make up most of my travel locations.

Customer Testimonials

My Chattooga River print by Trent Sizemore is a vision of fine art and a whisper of God’s beautiful creation. The extraordinary quality of this print fills me with tranquility and lifts my spirit. The capture of colors is breathtaking and beautiful. Trent’s personal style is captivating by the magic he creates through his lens of the majestic creations of our Heavenly Father. To God be all the glory!

—Rhonda E. - Georgia

I met Trent in Asheville, North Carolina, and was automatically drawn to his work. My first impressions of the piece [Fall on Fires Creek] were excitement, fire and pursuit. The metallic finish adds that fire aspect which completely alters your perception and draws you in, pursuing something more than what you originally see. My piece now hangs in the entryway of my home, welcoming people in. I believe Trent does an amazing job portraying the way he sees the world through his artwork.

—Cassidy J. - Virginia

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