• In Yellowstone National Park it is illegal to approach or remain within 100 yards of bears. If the bear approaches within 100 yards of you, you are required to get into your car or move so that you maintain the 100 yard distance.
  • A ranger on scene may allow a group of people to stand closer.
  • If an animal changes its behavior, even if you are outside of 100 yards, you are too close.
  • The distance from Old Faithful to the viewing benches is roughly 110-120 yards.

*Each image to the left represents a different camera/lens setup, and shows the image as seen in the viewfinder. The gray bear is 50 yards from the camera. The black bear is 100 yards. The math is explained at the bottom.

The images in the viewfinders are rendered to scale assuming a bear that is 3 feet tall.


Image © Trent Sizemore Photography 2016 – Do not use or reproduce without permission, unless using the Facebook “share” button.